Bible Doctrines 1

In this online teacher training course you will study some of the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. These are not mere lists of doctrines to memorize, but are life-transforming skills that will help you grow in your relationship to Jesus Christ and increase your usefulness in His service. When we come to know God through His Word, we will grow in our love for Him, and our lives will be changed. Romans 12:1-2 commands us to be undergoing the process of transformation by the renewing of our minds. How does that happen? Second Corinthians 3:18 tells us that we are transformed as we behold the glory of the Lord. So the purpose of studying theology is to behold the glory of the Lord more clearly, and this will transform us into the image of Christ.

In this course you will learn about the nature of theology and how to “do theology” in every area of your life. You will learn the steps of the theological method and see the biblical support for the need to be concerned with your beliefs. You will study the difference between general and special revelation, and the reason why God gave both. You will also learn the distinction between inspiration and inerrancy, and the basics of how we got our Bible. You will also study hermeneutics, the science and art of properly interpreting Scripture.

The person of God, His names, attributes, and Triunity are critical elements of the Christian faith and are an important part of this study. You will also examine the deity and humanity of Christ, and how the two are united in the person of Jesus. This study also looks at the preexistence and incarnation of Christ. You will consider the present and future work of Christ and what that means to you as a believer.

 Mark Farnham About the Instructor:

Mark Farnham is Assistant Professor of Theology and New Testament and Chaplain of the Seminary at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. He holds degrees from Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and is presently a doctoral student in Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary. Before becoming a seminary professor, he pastored Montauk Avenue Baptist Church in New London, Connecticut, for seven years. He has also served as a writer, editor, and Director of Youth Ministries at Positive Action for Christ in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He lives in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, with his wife Adrienne and their three children.