Producing Students with Godly Character

In this online teacher-training course, you will look at the subject of character from a Christian perspective. Many books and articles on character, though helpful, rely heavily on ancient Greek philosophy for their understanding of the nature of character and how it is formed. While there is some similarity between Classical Greek thought and the Scriptures regarding character, there are also significant differences. This study will emphasize the importance of Jesus Christ in the life of the Christian young person as the key to Christian character formation.

After defining character and seeing what key scriptural passages teach about character, you will then study how to motivate students to strive for character in their lives. Unless a student can be motivated to strive for character, he or she will not develop character. The second half of this course is devoted to specific strategies for helping students develop key character traits, such as love for God, self-discipline, patience, diligence, and courage.

 Mark Farnham About the Instructor:

Mark Farnham is Assistant Professor of Theology and New Testament and Chaplain of the Seminary at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. He holds degrees from Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and is presently a doctoral student in Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary. Before becoming a seminary professor, he pastored Montauk Avenue Baptist Church in New London, Connecticut, for seven years. He has also served as a writer, editor, and Director of Youth Ministries at Positive Action for Christ in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He lives in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, with his wife Adrienne and their three children.