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Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Introduction to Theology
  • Define theology
  • Explain the importance of theology for every Christian
  • Demonstrate the biblical basis for the need of sound theology
  • List the requirements for a proper study of theology
Lesson 2: How Theology Works
  • Identify the primary source of theology
  • Explain the tools that help us "do theology"
  • Demonstrate the steps of theology using an easy-to-understand example
Lesson 3: Bibliology—the Doctrine of the Bible
  • Explain the differences between general and special revelation
  • Define the concept of inspiration
  • Demonstrate the importance of inerrancy
  • Explain the history of the 66 books of the canon
Lesson 4: Hermeneutics—the Science and Art of Interpreting Scripture
  • Define hermeneutics
  • Distinguish hermeneutics from the related fields of exegesis and homiletics
  • Identify the interpretive gaps that must be bridged
  • Explain the differences between the various genres of literature found in the Bible
  • List the proper steps in the hermeneutical process
  • Explain the principles that help us properly interpret cultural elements in a text
Lesson 5: Theology Proper—the Doctrine of God
  • Identify the most basic truth about God
  • Explain the various arguments for the existence of God
  • Contrast the biblical view of God with heretical views
  • Conceptualize the importance of God's names, attributes, and images in the life of the student
  • Explain the nature of the Trinity
Lesson 6: Christology—the Doctrine of Jesus Christ (Part 1)
  • Identify the importance of Christology for our faith
  • Explain the preincarnate nature of Christ
  • Demonstrate the biblical support for the virgin birth of Christ
  • List the support for the deity and humanity of Christ
Lesson 7: Christology—the Doctrine of Jesus Christ (Part 2)
  • Identify the significance of the incarnation of Christ
  • Explain the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ
  • Demonstrate the impeccability of Christ
  • List the proofs for the resurrection of Christ
  • Explain the present and future ministries of Christ