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Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Anthropology and Hamartiology—The Doctrines of Man and Sin
  • Identify the relationship between science and the Scriptures
  • Describe the nature and ministry of angels
  • Explain the nature and activities of Satan and demons
  • Define the image of God in man and man's nature as material and immaterial
  • Explain the Fall of man into sin and the results
Lesson 2: Soteriology—The Doctrine of Salvation
  • Explain the meaning of the atonement
  • Define key terms crucial to the doctrine of salvation
  • Explain the meaning of justification
  • Identify the importance of the metaphor of union with Christ
  • Demonstrate the biblical support for the doctrine of eternal security
Lesson 3: Pneumatology—The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • Identify the biblical support for the person and deity of the Holy Spirit
  • Illustrate the work of the Holy Spirit by examining representations in Scripture
  • Explain the work of the Spirit in the life of the believer
Lesson 4: Sanctification—The Doctrine of Spiritual Growth
  • Define sanctification
  • Identify the role of the Holy Spirit in sanctification
  • Explain the various views of sanctification and defend the most biblical view
  • Discuss the component parts of spiritual growth
Lesson 5: Ecclesiology—The Doctrine of the Church
  • Define the New Testament church
  • Identify the various biblical metaphors used to represent the church
  • Explain biblical church government
  • Defend baptism by immersion
  • Explain the symbolic view of the Lord's Supper
  • Demonstrate the need and procedures for church discipline
  • Explain the purpose of the church
Lesson 6: Eschatology—The Doctrine of Last Things
  • Identify the biblical covenants and their importance
  • Demonstrate the truth of pretribulational, premillennial eschatology
  • Explain the key events in God's prophetic calendar
  • Identify the various ways of interpreting the Book of Revelation
  • Explain the final state of men and angels
Lesson 7: Apologetics—The Defense of the Faith
  • Define apologetics
  • Demonstrate the need for every Christian to be prepared to defend his faith
  • Explain the basics of a biblical apologetic
  • Identify the key weak points of other belief systems