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Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Christian Philosophy of Education
  • Explain Christian philosophy of education
  • Define biblical worldview
  • Describe humanism, pragmatism, and secularism
  • Define and illustrate biblical truth
  • Explain the relationship of absolute truth to the Christian theistic worldview of education
  • Identify four foundational components of Christian education
Lesson 2: Biblical Integration
  • Define biblical integration
  • Explain the role of the theistic worldview in academia
  • Give reasons why biblical integration is weak in many Christian schools
  • Define conceptualization
  • Explain the relationship between truth and biblical integration
  • List school activities mistaken for biblical integration
Lesson 3: A Biblical Look at Reading
  • State Christian philosophy of reading
  • Explain the relationship of reading to academia
  • Identify reading/Bible concepts
  • Write reading/Bible integration objectives
  • Explain the Conceptualization Model for Bible Integration
  • Conceptualize reading/Bible ideas
Lesson 4: A Biblical Look at Language
  • State Christian philosophy of language
  • Discuss the relationship of language to orderliness
  • Identify language/Bible concept
  • Explain the benefits of language
  • Write language/Bible objectives
  • Conceptualize language/Bible integration ideas
Lesson 5: A Biblical Look at Science
  • State Christian philosophy of science
  • Identify science truths in the Bible
  • Identify science/Bible concept
  • Explain the benefits of science
  • Write science/Bible objectives
  • Conceptualize science/Bible integration ideas
  • Contrast the Edenic, Adamic, and Noahic Covenants
  • Identify ways nature testifies of a divine Creator
Lesson 6: A Biblical Look at Mathematics
  • Describe the role of the Bible in mathematics
  • Define epistemology
  • Identify mathematics Bible concepts
  • State your philosophy of mathematics
  • Write mathematics/Bible integration objectives
  • Write mathematics/Bible integration objectives
  • Conceptualize mathematics/Bible integration ideas
Lesson 7: A Biblical Look at History
  • State Christian philosophy of history
  • Explain Godís sovereignty in history
  • List six history/Bible themes
  • Identify history/Bible concept
  • Explain the benefits of history
  • Write history/Bible objectives
  • Conceptualize history/Bible integration ideas
  • Identify ways history testifies of a divine Creator