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Table of Contents
Course Introduction
Lesson 1: Biblical Foundations for Teaching Creative and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Observe and describe the ultimate creative act—God's creation
  • Discuss the ramifications of the statement, "All people are created in the image of God"
  • Identify Bible verses that relate to creative and critical thinking
  • Discuss the need for Christians to use creativity in today's society
  • Evaluate the worldview presented in a quote about creativity
Lesson 2: Thinking Outside the Box!
  • Produce original creative works
  • Respond to one's original creative work
  • Share one's original creative work
Lesson 3: Theoretical Background for Teaching Creative Thinking Skills
  • Develop a working definition for creativity
  • Identify and discuss four approaches for teaching creativity in the classroom
  • Correlate classroom questions and activities with Bloom's taxonomy
  • Discuss four important elements that promote thinking in the classroom
Lesson 4: Methods and Activities for Teaching Creatively
  • Identify methods and activities that discourage creativity in the classroom
  • Identify and implement methods and activities for teaching creativity in the classroom
Lesson 5: Methods and Activities for Teaching Critical Thinking
  • Identify familiar classroom activities that require critical thinking
  • Consider and evaluate potential critical thinking activities for your classroom
Lesson 6: Putting It All Together!
  • Evaluate the activities and concepts of this course
  • Develop a creative and critical thinking skills unit
  • Set personal goals for incorporating creative and critical thinking skills in your classroom and in your life