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Table of Contents
Lesson 1: The Learning Environment—Space and Time
  • Define the terms space, time, technique, method, motivational methods and learning evironment
  • Identify one aspect of classroom space that is seldom controlled by the teacher as noted in the lesson
  • Identify the general length of a person's attention span
Lesson 2: The Learning Environment—Materials and Equipment
  • Define the terms materials and equipment as indicated in this lesson
  • Identify the two basic rules of brainstorming
  • List the three means of learning as indicated in this lesson
  • Identify three key elements of student brainstorming activities
Lesson 3: Student Behavior, Student Achievement, and the Classroom Environment
  • Identify and describe the four basic types of student behavior observed in a traditional classroom setting
  • Discuss the impact that student behavior types have on teacher success in the classroom and on student achievement
  • Identify the categories of the cognitive domain as developed by Benjamin Bloom
Lesson 4: Ten Motivational Techniques and Related Activities
  • Identify ten subject-oriented motivational techniques
  • Describe student activities that correspond to the subject-oriented motivational techniques
  • "Rank order" assessments to evaluate educational motivational Web sites
Lesson 5: Three Styles of Teaching and Their Effect on Student Performance
  • Identify no less than three characteristics of the two basic teaching methods used in the traditional classroom
  • Identify similar characteristics in a blended teaching method
  • List the four aspects of task development as identified and defined by Benjamin Bloom
Lesson 6: The School Environment and Teacher Motivation
  • Describe the classroom practice and purpose of "truth signs" developed by G.H. Pilon
  • Summarize the use of questioning, discussions, and cooperative learning to promote communication, critical thinking, and social skills
  • Describe the relationship between teaching method, classroom environment, school environment, and school policies
Lesson 7: Analyzing Student Motivation
  • Distinguish between the LCBA and the LCDA application models
  • Identify no less than eight student types as described by Vickie Gill
  • Recognize the relationship between Teaching Methods and Student Types